About Us

We are full service sewer drain cleaning company with over 30 years experience in the business. we are licensed insured and hold several safety training certificates also. licensed with the ministry of environment. whether your a home or a business  call us and schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. we will arrive on time listen to your needs and diagnose your situation. quotes and inspections are always free. We provide drain cleaning services in Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Toronto, Oakville, Aurora, Barrie, Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, New Market

Dedicated To Providing You With A Quality Service

Here at the Drain Team Inc., we have the expertise and equipment to clean any size of drain and sewer lines for residential commercial, industrial municipal. We can diagnose the issues if needed with our state of the art CCTV camera equipment crawler camera and push cameras.

We can clear any size of pipes using the most effective equipment for the situation. We have high pressure jetter trucks and vacuum trucks  and low profile units for underground garages and hard to reach places and the list goes on.

So if you need a blockage cleared or storm drain pumped and cleaned call the drain team inc.  We specialize  in cleaning all types of drains and sewers and pin pointing any problems with our locating and camera equipment.

Sump Pit Cleaning & Pumping

Your sump pits pick-up drains that are lower the main sewer elevation.catch basins. area drains, washrooms. Laundry room drain into the sump pits. the water in the sump pits is then pumped up to the main sewer elevation by electric pumps.s

Sewage & Sump Pit Maintenance

Your sump pits need to be pumped on a regular basis  to avoid any damage to electric pumps. We have low profile trucks  for  low clearance garages and hard to reach places. We can inspect your pumps to make sure they are functioning properly.

Pipeline Video Inspections

Inspecting a pipe can help in identifying where the problems lie before we get into additional repairs which saves you valuable time and money.

Inspecting Your Pipe & Sewer Lines

Find and map any blockages or defects in the line, i.e. dips, breaks, or a change in diameter.

High Pressure Water Jetting

We have the equipment to flush and clean all types and sizes of sewer and drain lines. We can remove any build-up of dirt and debris and grease in sewer or drain lines to keep your pipes flowing clean and properly.

Meeting All Your Water Jetting Needs

We can remove almost anything that may be built-up in your drain or sewer pipes. our fleet of high pressure jetter trucks carry 600 feet of high pressure jetter hose so you can be sure that the job we be competed right. our combo vacuum  jetter trucks can vacuum and remove any dirt or debris that was cleaned from drain or sewer pipes call us for your free evaluation.

Catch Basin / Storm Drain Cleaning & Pumping

Effective Storm Water Management prevents blockages and expensive clean-ups, extends the life of your storm lines.

Complete Storm Drain Cleaning

We clean all types of parking lot drains, catch basins, area drains, trench drains with our pumping vacuum trucks.

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